Our company was established in 1989 by Halina Koszałka. It has changed its business premises in Wrocław many times (Powstańców Śląskich, Orla, Rodzinna and Milicka Streets). Finally, in 2007 we moved to our own, newly-built, venue in Szymanów.

We operate as a distributor for many leading cosmetics companies (i.a. Eveline, Uroda, Oceanic, Donegal, Joanna, Dax, Bell, Venita, Delia, Marion, Optivit, Miraculum... ).

We supply stores across the Lower Silesian Region, providing our customers with a wide range of goods, as well as professional and timely service. Our 3 sales representatives and over 30 front-line representatives from the companies whose goods we distribute are at your service.